Are MLM Trucking Jobs in Western Pa Right for You?

The trucking industry is experiencing a shortage of drivers in recent years, which means many drivers can take their pick for ideal trucking jobs in Western Pa. MLM Trucking is always looking for experienced flatbed and dry van freight drivers to haul freight such as steel and lumber throughout North America. Our company has a proven track record of satisfied clients and rock solid business relationships, and we treat our drivers like family.

If you’re looking for trucking jobs in Western Pennsylvania, here are a few reasons why MLM Trucking might be the right fit for you:

You Value Family Time

One of the best perks of working with MLM Trucking is that we value your family time as much as you do. The core of MLM’s mission is safety and family, and our trucking jobs in Western Pennsylvania offer flexibility so you can put family first. Whether you need to be home for a wedding or another important event, we can work with your schedule so you can be home when it matters most.

You’re Looking for Competitive Compensation

As an experienced flatbed or dry van freight truck driver, you deserve competitive compensation for your time out on the road. MLM Trucking strives to offer trucking jobs in Western Pennsylvania with competitive pay. We also offer a sign on bonus and referral bonus for our drivers.

You want Consistent, Reliable Work

You can’t put a price on reliable income. MLM offers excellent opportunities for owner-operators who are looking to experience long-term growth and profitability. Our routes are well established and we’ve worked with some of our clients for years, and there is plenty of work for drivers who want to maximize their income potential.

You Have a Proven Track Record of Safety

MLM Trucking looks for very specific traits for those looking into trucking jobs in Western Pennsylvania. Safety is top priority, and experienced flatbed and van freight drivers with a proven track record of safety are invited to join our team. If you’re reliable, value teamwork, and have experience transporting flatbed and dry van fleets, MLM Trucking might be the perfect fit for you.

Apply for Trucking Jobs in Western Pennsylvania with MLM Trucking

When you’re ready to join the team at MLM Trucking, click here to apply or give us a call at 412-331-8200. Applicants will be screened and asked to comply with strict federal, state, safety, and experience requirements.