Are Trucking Jobs in Pittsburgh, PA a Good Career Choice?

When it comes to finding a steady job, putting food on the table and providing for your family, flatbed trucking jobs in Pittsburgh can be the golden ticket. While many experienced truck drivers have a mortgage, kids, and possibly a truck payment, there is peace of mind knowing that MLM offers some of the most reliable trucking jobs in Pittsburgh.

Whether you’re thinking about coming on board with MLM or you need a few good reasons to consider trucking as a career, here is why trucking jobs in Pittsburgh are a great career choice:

1. Flexibility
If you’re a driver who thrives on working within a flexible schedule, trucking jobs with MLM is a great career choice for you. One of the best benefits of working with MLM is that our drivers get ample opportunity to return home for important events, whether it’s your son’s baseball game or a graduation ceremony.

2. Competitive Wages
MLM trucking invites the best drivers in the area to come on board with our company. As an experienced flatbed driver with a proven track record of safety, our company will gladly reward you with competitive compensation as well as a sign on and referral bonus.

3. Job Security
MLM Trucking is one of the most established and trusted trucking companies in North America. We have long lasting business relationships with our clients, which helps ensure job security for our drivers—and you can count on a steady paycheck from MLM.

4. You’re in Demand
Did you know that there is a shortage of truck drivers? Unfortunately, this has been an issue over the last several years. This spells trouble, since the volume of freight expected to ship throughout the United States will expand by nearly 29 percent by 2026.

Even though this shortage is a big concern for the transportation industry, the good news is that you’re highly in demand as an experienced flatbed truck driver. In fact, if you have experience in transporting freight via flatbed, we want to talk to you.

Find Trucking Jobs in Pittsburgh from MLM Trucking

When you’re looking for a solid career in transportation, consider MLM Trucking. We’re always looking for safe, reliable, and experienced flatbed drivers to join our team. Apply today or call us to learn more at 412-331-8200.