MLM Trucking: Freight Brokerage Division

As one of North America’s most trusted flatbed and dry van freight transportation services, MLM Trucking also offers some of the best brokerage services in the industry. Our comprehensive solutions give your company a business advantage with fast, safe, and cost-effective flatbed and dry van freight shipping all over the United States and Canada.

Getting to Know the Logistics Coordinators at MLM Trucking

When you work with Logistics Coordinators from MLM Trucking, you can expect to experience a smooth transportation process from start to finish. Logistics Coordinators at MLM Trucking are highly experienced and have worked in the industry for an average of 17 years. Our Logistics Coordinators expedite the transportation process and quickly match your shipment requirements with a qualified carrier. Not only is your shipment matched with the right carrier, your shipment requirements will also fit your budget while giving you the best transportation experience possible.

Using state-of-the-art technology, our Logistics Coordinators track your shipment every step of the way—and you’ll never be left wondering if your products will be delivered on schedule. You’ll be provided with accurate tracking data throughout the transportation process, and you can always contact us during shipment if you have any questions or concerns.

MLM Trucking: Focusing on Quality Over Quantity

While other freight transportation companies focus on quantity of shipments, MLM Trucking takes a different approach. We value quality and customer experience, and we won’t compromise your shipping experience in order to get to the next job. MLM Trucking is dedicated to matching your shipment to the right carrier and delivering value at every step of the way. We focus on safe and secure shipping for our clients at the right price—and that’s how we build strong partnerships with companies all over the United States and Canada.

Qualified Carriers That Meet Rigorous Standards

Aside from our Logistics Coordinators, our carriers also undergo screening for safety and insurance requirements. Our carriers are highly experienced at transporting products such as steel, lumber, and building products throughout the United States and Canada. MLM Trucking has a deep understanding of our carriers’ lanes and capabilities, and our drivers have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles on routine routes throughout the years. By using routine routes and highly qualified carriers, we can deliver freight quickly and affordably to your destination.

CDL Driving Jobs in Pittsburgh, Petersburg VA, and Columbia City, IN: Hiring Experienced Drivers

MLM Trucking takes pride in customer experience and the qualifications of ourLogistics Coordinators and carriers. We have CDL flatbed and dry van freight driving jobs in Pittsburgh, Petersburg VA, and Columbia City, IN that are available to those who value family time and want to maximize their income. Our CDL flatbed and dry van freight drivers are highly experienced and ship half a million tons of freight every year. If you’re looking for CDL flatbed and dry van freight driving jobs, click here to apply.