3 Biggest Complaints of Truck Drivers in Pittsburgh

Commercial truck driving can be a difficult, erratic, and often unsafe job when you are signed with second rate trucking companies . The problem is that many of these companies care more about their bottom line than their employees. Without reliable truck drivers in Pittsburgh, the city would cease to thrive so it is important to keep these valuable members of society safe and happy with their jobs.

When it comes to working alongside a trucking company, there are a lot of things that management can do. better. Here are the 3 biggest complaints of truck drivers in Pittsburgh and how MLM Trucking strives to correct these problems with their employees.

1) Unreliable Pay Checks
One month business is thriving and the next you spend weeks waiting for a route to become available. You finally get comfortable with a route and then everything changes. Clients change faster than you can learn their names. These are familiar problems for truckers in the area who rely on a steady paycheck to support their families. At MLM, we have spent years establishing strong ties with our clients to keep them coming back. This ensures that there are always reliable routes available to earn a steady paycheck.

2) No Time for Family
Perhaps the biggest complaint in the industry is that truck drivers are forced to miss important events in their personal lives due to rigid inconvenient route scheduling. At MLM, we understand the importance of a good work/life balance. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate those important moments in life that you just can’t miss. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sacrifice everything for your career, even as a commercial driver.

3) Low Wages and No Appreciation
Truck Driving can be a thankless job sometimes. Navigating large rigs through traffic, dealing with breakdowns and road hazards— it’s enough to stress out the best of us. Yet truck drivers all around Pittsburgh wake up every day and do it all over again, so they should know that they are appreciated.

MLM Trucking offers the most competitive wages in the industry; from your initial sign on bonus and impressive benefits package to referral and performance bonuses. We don’t underpay our drivers and force them to take routes that may jeopardize their safety. MLM keeps quality of life in mind with every mile—and With MLM, you will never feel unappreciated for your hard work.


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